A big old conversation?

To solve this challenge, it seems that a few key concepts need to need to be in place: 
The solution to this challenge has to be radically inclusive, giving everyone the same opportunity and access to the support and guidance they need - rich or poor, urban or rural. 
Quality information about ageing well and holistic wellbeing are a given for this kind of project - as well as information on what and how older people can continue to contribute to society. 
We believe that real conversations are key to avoiding some of the pitfalls of this kind of programme. We crave real conversations in a digital age, and peer-to-peer norming of new, healthy behaviours are an essential behaviour change lever. 
So, what's our idea?
We have technology that connects people via a skype-style interface. We propose using this technology to make it easier for networks of experts on this topic to connect with ageing people - creating a national conversation about the ways in which people can grow old with purpose and a better quality of life, no matter who they are. Blending coaching, wellbeing advice, local networking and peer to peer conversations, we believe that we can help older people to age better - contributing more to society, and living longer and more independent lives. And, because we deliver conversations digitally, we can also generate analytics and insight about the real needs of this population. 

Why the contribution is important

Living well with purpose is essential for ageing well. By inviting older people into a conversation about this topic, we believe we can help to connect society, extend lives and give an ageing population a meaninful role in society. 

by BenRichards on July 20, 2018 at 10:15AM

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