Taking care of the elderly with affection and innovation.

I am seeking new innovative technologies that can transform how we deliver healthcare and how we take care of our elderly. Innovations in the realms of virtual reality, media, artificial intelligence, network connectivity, food, healthcare, and robotics would guarantee that our elderly stay fit and healthy. Such technological advancement would enable them to be independent, mobile, well-connected, and engaged all the time with their friends, family, and the whole world. Cutting-edge robotics entangled with artificial intelligence under the same roof providing all the necessary assistance to our seniors needed for their happiness and well-being. I imagine giving them all my love and care in real time using virtual reality. In an age of technological advancement, it’s time to raise our level of care and concern for our aging loved ones.

Beware, being busy is no more going to be an excuse as taking time out to virtually embrace your loved ones (if not physically) is going to be the next big thing. I am sure we can let the tech take care of them without worrying much. Truly a time for digital and virtual love and care for us all.   



Why the contribution is important

Elderly people are the backbone of the nation’s care force – preparing and seeking innovations in caring for them thus becomes imperative to any economy. It’s time we provide economic and technological opportunities to facilitate the growth of a viable ‘Silver Economy’ and only innovation can enable this.


by kavitatiwari on July 20, 2018 at 02:57PM

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