war-game innovation options in reliable pre-and post retirement investment products

Savers in older age need regular income, capital conservation and inflation protection (which is a silent killer ) but this product does not exist.

We need to evisit accumulation and decumulation products explore new relationship between governement, insurance, asset management ,and a trusted technology platform

Re assess target date funds – scope for innovation here

look at tail end – mortality risk – no body wants to under write this with annuities - what else is possible?

look at balance of personal responsibility to x and state after y wealth and health - an holistic approach



Why the contribution is important

There has been been a lack of innovation in reliable finacial products  to enable lifelong financial wellbeing. This is at the heart of the aging problem.

Leaderrs in insurance, asset management are waking up to their responsibilities, technology platforms are ready to provide the pipework and architecture.

by jennyloewiadams on July 12, 2018 at 01:08PM

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  • Posted by MarknBEISgovuk July 17, 2018 at 16:35

    Many thanks for taking the time to submit your suggestions. We absolutely recognise the need to explore how we promote financial security as we live longer and potentially have longer periods of retirement.
    We also need to ensure that older people have access to financial services and do not face exclusion. This will build on the great work the Financial Conduct Authority has done to encourage the industry to think carefully about how it responds to an ageing society.
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