Prevention through smart conversations

Conversation at the point of diagnosis and during treatment is hugely important; people have big questions about what a diagnosis means for them and their families, where they can get support and what the future might look like for them. 

We have a technology - already being used in the corporate space - that can be used to analyse this kind of conversation. Using AI, we can then generate data that signposts trends and key questions that can be used to better understand initial diagnostic and treatment services - and gather more information about the human conditions that led up to diagnosis. In understanding all of this, we can gain a much clearer view of how diagnostic services could be enhanced based on what patients really need - and help to improve systems and processes so that early warnings could be identified and acted upon more quickly. 


Why the contribution is important

The value of human conversations is often lost because the key insights from them are left unrecorded. By analysing conversations using AI, we could name the key insights around cancer diagnosis - and deliver ongoing, iterative improvements to diagnostics as a result. 

by BenRichards on July 20, 2018 at 09:47AM

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