Green Construction Board Sustainability Guide

The GCB has produced a sustainability training guide to help all construction and engineering trades to improve the delivery of buildings and address the performance gap.

Sometimes a simple understanding of air tightness or thermal bridges can improve the comfort, cost and performance of a building.

Link is below: 

Phil Stott - Head of Construction and Sustainability

Why the contribution is important

Several leading pieces of Government research (such as the Build Up Skills UK Roadmap) have already indicated that embedment of sustainability understanding and knowledge across all trades can have a far greater impact than a singular intervention. It is an idea which has not yet been implemented but is the most pressing skills concern. 

by philstott on May 22, 2018 at 04:06PM

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  • Posted by debbieward July 01, 2018 at 21:31

    Improving energy efficiency is only part of the 'efficient and effective use of resources in buildings' solution. It has to be looked at systemically, if only the energy efficiency is focused on then new solutions may well create other problems. We need to be focussing on cradle to cradle, circular solutions that not only enable better energy efficiency throughout the life of the building but also ensure the solutions can be easily maintained / reused / repaired / remanufactured and / or recycled. Buildings / Building products should enable disassembly and allow materials to be held at the highest value possible for as long as possible before looping back into the system to be used by another product or process. The Green Construction Board not only advocates the correct training and education across all trades but also the adoption of circular economy thinking in the built environment[…]/circular-economy
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