The ehab platform

We are building a platform for scaling the sustainable construction industry. It acts as a marketplace which brings togther all the parts of the puzzle to unlock sustianable development; land, investors, and innovative construction companies. Using a 3D planing tool we enagage the local community to have input into the development whilst working alongside the local council. We then supply a project management tool designed to automate payments, legal, and other administrative tasks. This tracks all the elements of the project to ensure maximum value is being achieved and any weaknesses in the process can be identified and solved. 


At the moment we have a pipline of 26,325 homes but we wich to grow this so long terms sustinable developments can be planned. We have a growing network of partners but particularly we would like to integrate ourr solution with government funding streams to help these projects access the builders fund and other pots of money in a fluid way. 

Why the contribution is important

There are currently a huge number of barriers to entry for sustainable house builders. They have no pipeline of projects which keep the cost of their colution high. They don't have capacity to tackle large sites, but could if working collaboratively. There isn't a seamless way for these projects to access finance. People currently have no say in housing so a new system of development should more closely align with what people want and need. 

by joshmccgraham on June 28, 2018 at 03:50PM

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