Zero for zero: no stamp duty for zero carbon homes.

Why not utilise the knowledge and skills of smart builders and developers by waiving stamp duty on zero carbon homes? This would encourage the people who actually construct our new homes to go out there and get the knowledge required to build to a true zero carbon standard, which is easy measured using the existing use assessment tools.

Our architects, builders, and developers have the skills, but need the right incentive. 




Why the contribution is important

The Code for Sustainable Homes failed because it placed too much bureaucracy in the way of achieving sustainable construction, with an over reliance upon expensive consultants, which put off the majority of builders. To achieve zero carbon is easy, but the 5% uplift in construction cost is not matched by the uplift in resale values, and as a result there is currently no incentive to build sustainable zero carbon homes. 

Let's use the carrot instead of the stick, and offer a reward for those who achieve the zero carbon goal using their own initiative, not penalise developers by putting bureaucratic schemes in the way.

by RobertBrown on July 05, 2018 at 04:15PM

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