All new cars and vans to zero emission by 2030

The stated ambition on zero emission vehicles isn't ambitious enough.  Our initial analysis of how we deliver against an equitable Paris-aligned carbon budget for Manchester suggests that all cars will need to be zero emission by 2035 at the latest, and so all new cars and vans must be zero emission by at least 2030.

Why the contribution is important

We need to show real leadership to address the twin challenges of air pollution and climate change, and bringing forward the stated ambition by a decade will deliver health benefits, save lives and give us a fighting chance of meeting our climate obligations under Paris Agreement..

by AliMCR on June 29, 2018 at 09:43PM

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  • Posted by JuliaDftGovUK July 20, 2018 at 08:55

    Hi there, thanks for your post. We believe 2040 is an ambitious but achievable target and a key part of the answer to our long term transport air quality and greenhouse gas issues. Through extensive consultation with stakeholders across numerous sectors including environmental groups, the automotive industry and other experts, we believe we have identified the right balance between our environmental ambitions and deliverability, giving consumers and industry time to transition.
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