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Productivity is often a hard thing to measure. There is often no ability to measure a worker's productivity, or a tendancy to 'not be able to do anything about' poor productivity. 

Productivity costs the UK's SME's £57 Billion each year according to a recent study. With some government estimates of the wider economy being drained a total of between £90 Billion and £120 Billion per annum.

In practice, employers are often disconnected from the whole workforce. Either by senior management being unaware of who is being under-utilised, or with no real method to connect under-utilised staff to another place in the company where the worker is required. uuugabuild's digital platform was designed to automatically connect temporary opportunities to under-utilised staff - vastly improving the productivity of a company's existing workforce.

Why the contribution is important

uuugabuild's web platform and mobile app to connect managers. Managers of under-utilised staff can set availability of staff members, whilst managers of teams requiring staff can be automatically matched internal staff. 


The digital platform connects workforces and ensures internal productivity is significantly increased. Under-utilised staff can be used someone where either internally or externally, increasing a company's profits and the likelihood for continuous employment of the existing workforce - increasing employee happiness and retention.

by uuugabuild on June 29, 2018 at 04:17PM

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