Industrial Strategy

The Business Productivity Review 

Productivity is not about working harder – it's about working smarter and delivering more output and value for each hour worked. Improving productivity while keeping employment high, we can boost our earning power - raising living standards, providing funds to support our public services and improving the quality of life for all our citizens. Raising productivity is a government priority and core to our modern Industrial Strategy.

While the UK has some of the world’s leading businesses, some businesses are not using all the technology and practices at their disposal to do better. These businesses have the potential to improve their productivity by taking what can be simple measures, such as embracing tried and tested technologies and improving their leadership and management practices. This could save businesses time and money and allow them to work more efficiently.

As part of our Industrial Strategy we have launched a Review to better understand the actions that could be most effective in improving the productivity of all businesses in the UK. As part of the review we would like to understand the journey businesses go through to evaluate, adopt and implement change and how the public and private sector can support businesses to improve.

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Our formal Business Productivity Review Call for Evidence has now closed, but we'd like to invite you to continue the discussion here.

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